Planning News September 2017


The Planning Committee met in September in High Halden. This bulletin contains news relating to applications dealt with and decisions handed down since the last meeting in August, as well as proposed future action on some current applications.


KCC Highways has issued a Position Statement: Development in Hawkhurst Summary. It concludes the following:

‘Additional traffic from new development would have a severe adverse impact on the highway network, in terms of congestion and inconvenience to local residents and other road users, and on the strategic transport planning of the area generally, and this would be contrary to the aims of paragraph 32 of the NPPF which states that where the residual cumulative transport impacts are identified as severe, development should be refused.

It is therefore KCC’s position that, in line with NPPF paragraph 32, no development will be recommended for approval within the parish boundary that generates any additional trips through the junction, unless the developer can demonstrate a scheme that mitigates their specific impact.’

For the full statement visit Hawkhurst PC’s website and click on their News page.

MATTERS ARISING FROM AUGUST MEETING — Under the site item for discussion 17/02192/TW the committee agreed to write to TWBC expressing our concern about the creeping development in Hawkhurst. Figures have been obtained from Hawkhurst PC and further investigations are being carried out. Our submission will be sent shortly. This meeting agreed that a copy should be sent to the County Councillor (Sean Holden).


17/01153/AS Frog Hollow, Church Lane, Shadoxhurst TN26 1LY — Outline application for demolition of existing dwelling and outbuilding and the erection of a replacement detached dwelling. WKPS objection.

17/504081/FULL/MA Maplehurst Lane, Frittenden Road, Staplehurst, Tonbridge — Removal of Condition 1 requiring site vacation after 3 years and Condition 2 seeking removal of named occupier appending to planning permission to 15/501528 (Change of use of land for the stationing of a mobile home, utility room, stable block and touring caravan for gypsy family (Part retrospective). WKPS objection.


17/00784/AS Land east of Acton Lane, Wittersham — The installation of 1 no. 22.5m Phosco Monopole, 3 no. antennas, 2 no. 0.3m dishes, 4 no. Equipment Cabinets and ancillary development threto: on a 4.0m x 4.0m x 1.0m concrete foundation within a 7m x 0.7m timber fence compound with planted screening scheme (making total demise approximately 8.0m x 8.0m). WKPS expressed concern about the siting of the mast in the AONB, but acknowledged that a mast is needed. Suggested that ABC agree a suitable site with the applicant. WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT.

17/00244/AS Land to the rear and north of The Old Surgery, The Street, Appledore — Erection of a detached house together with associated access. WKPS general comment re: adjacent allocated site. ABC PERMITTED.

16/01189/AS Land east of Badgeworthy, The Moat, Charing — Erection of two storey, three bedroom dwelling. WKPS objection. ABC REFUSED.

17/00375/AS 1 The Street, Appledore TN26 2BU — Part demolition, restoration and conversion, and extension to existing site to six residential units, one of which will be a live/work unit. WKPS supported. WITHDRAWN BY APPLICANT.

17/00898/AS Land rear of 25 The Street, Hothfield — Construction of a new single dwelling, garage and associated landscaping (revision to relocation of dwelling by 1.5m as approved under 16/00458/AS). WKPS supported the original application which was approved. ABC has approved the revision.




  1. The Scrutineers’ Guide has been updated and sent to all committee members. This document and the NPPF are key to our discussions.
  2. My thanks to all the committee members for your hard work during my tenure as chair, I will be handing over the chairmanship to Sarah in October.


17/01197/AS Pig and Whistle Farmhouse, Ashford Road, Great Chart TN23 3DH — An outline application for residential development with a building 8 dwellings [sic] with associated parking and with an access off Ashford Road A28 with some matters reserved. The site is located between two Grade II Listed farmhouses, developer is quoting the absence of a local plan to justify the development of this site. Access is onto the A28 with existing residents experiencing problems accessing their properties another (potentially) 16 cars doing the same thing will make matters worse. Access is narrow for delivery/removal vehicles. Inappropriate and speculative with the 8 houses being shoehorned in. Should be a farmyard style setting of only a few houses. Development will impact on the setting of the heritage properties. If permission is granted a precedent will be created affecting Listed properties. WKPS to object.

17/01027/AS Unit D, Smarden Business Estate, Smarden Business Park, Smarden TN27 8QL — Erection of timber framed mobile home for residential use. Applicant’s only intention with the mobile home is to provide security for his business. Not a material planning consideration. Would set a precedent for all business estates in the countryside, outside the village envelope and in open countryside. WKPS to object.

17/01203/AS London Beach Golf Club, Ashford Road, St Michaels, Tenterden TN30 6HX — Expansion of existing hotel to provide 8 no. two bedroom flats, 3 no. two bedroom houses and 6 no. three bedroom houses for active retired people including associated parking, electric shuttle bus, other green transport initiatives and landscaping. The pleasant green access to the Golf Club will be obliterated, the development will be a gross intrusion of the local area, the proposal comprises an estate, all property will be leasehold with service charges levied for maintenance, etc., the density is too high, the 3-storey building is overwhelming especially fronting the road. Blocks 1 & 2 — dismal and gloomy pastiche design, tall and overbearing — reduce from 3 storey to 2 storey to match the other buildings. Not against the idea in principle but this scheme is too dense and overwhelming. WKPS to object.

17/02600/TW/FULL Land west of Pent House, Rolvenden Road, Benenden — The construction of three dwellings with landscaping and biodiversity enhancements. This item was struck from the agenda as the application has been withdrawn by the applicant. No action necessary.

17/02765/OUT/TW Land at Triggs Farm, Cranbrook Road, Goudhurst, Cranbrook TN17 1DP — Outline (Access not reserved) — Demolition of property known as Kestral and erection of a new access road and twelve detached dwellings including provision of 35% affordable housing. Note: Previous application for 10 dwellings Ref: 17/01319 was withdrawn by the applicant. Extends intrusively into the AONB, and would create a serious precedent for further invasion. The 2 affordable houses at the entry to the site are surrounded by access roads; serious planning defect. The settlement would be behind houses that are already behind other houses, which would create an over developed area, and would impact on the setting of 2 Listed properties. Access and egress is potentially dangerous on a narrow stretch of road. WKPS to object.

16/01271/AS Courtlands, Church Road, Bethersden TN26 3AQ — AMENDED PLANS Demolition of existing buildings and residential development comprising 16 houses, public car park and area of open space. Good proportion of affordable housing but local needs housing development has been completed recently at the other end of the village. Parking in the village is severely limited although this site is within walking distance to the village centre and school. Site is not allocated in ABC’s Local Plan, but is allocated in the Neighbourhood Plan. WKPS to support.

17/01247/AS Hornbeams, High Halden Lane, Biddenden TN26 3HP — Increased height of pitched roof to create first floor with 2-storey extension incorporating bedroom, dormer windows and vellum windows. Conversion of garage to living accommodation. Conversion of existing detached studio/office to ancillary annexe with increased roof height. In countryside, not overlooked though the increased height of the bungalow to 2 storey will be visible from the road. No justification for the proposal, with three buildings of accommodation this is an over development of the site. Suggest that the other buildings must remain ancillary to the main house so that they can’t be sold as separate dwellings. WKPS to object.

17/01253/AS Herwish, Martens Lane, High Halden TN26 3JP — Change of use of land for the stationing of one mobile home for residential agricultural occupation (renewal of expired temporary permission granted under 13/00081/AS). The previous consent for 3 years was granted on the basis that the pig farm must be viable. WKPS to support if ABC is satisfied that a viable business has been created.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This paragraph deals with actions planned rather than already taken. Readers are asked to note that the opinions and action points are those expressed by the planning committee as a whole. They are not always the final decisions. Many items discussed at meetings require further research before we reach a final decision on action to be taken.